Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jeremy Riddle - To Be Like You Song Review

This song is awesome! I've been playing Jeremy's album from 2009, "The Now and Not The Yet" (check it out or buy here) for the past couple of hours and this song just jumped out to me. I don't know why he doesn't sing this more it's such an amazing song?!

The lyrics are wonderfully crafted, very simple one of those ideas that make you go like, "wow, why didn't I think of that?"

Holy you are/Perfect and pure you are/Everything right you are/Yes you are/broken am I/Full of discord am I/Hungry for change am I/Oh am I/ Oh to be like you/Oh to reflect the God I know/The love you've shown/This is my longing/This is my deepest, strongest plea/Lord change me/Love you are/Spirit and truth you are/Everything right you are/Yes you are/Humbled am I/Contrite of spirit am I/Open to you am I/Oh am I

Kindly remember these lyrics and this song is absolutely not mine and is provided here for educational and promotional (for his album) purposes only!

To Be Like You (Album)

I did my own cover of the song, just messing around, if you wanna listen, have at it;


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