Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shagz Roadtrip Part 3 / Journey to BSSM Part 2 - Interview

Driving home today was more than fun. Spent a great time with God praying about my school interview and about this whole move abroad at my dad’s farm. That’s my most favorite place in shagz. My dad built that place with so much love and looking forward to the future and it’s sad that he didn’t get to enjoy it, but I love that place. Got to feed the cows too, and no, I wasn’t scared at all!

My aunt forced us to eat some lunch and then we left. The trip back was definitely a lot more fun. I bonded with my mom and it was awesome! She took some pictures, from a moving car for me, but I haven't uploaded them yet, I will though.

We finally got home and I prepped for my interview and waited for that call. Tonight looking at the phone waiting for it to ring took on a whole new meaning! Finally I got the call, and wouldn’t you know it, the line cut off after each minute. 

I cannot tell you how frustrating that was. I answer a question, the phone goes dead. She calls me back, I answer another question, and the phone goes dead. We finished up and went on email and we talked a little bit more and then it was over. That was the worst experience ever! I’d done such a huge job preparing and getting my notes down and everything, I was really looking forward to talking and expressing my heart then having something so uncontrollable like a phone line put a damper on everything.

I texted my sister and went down and talked to my mom and vented and felt a little better. My sister texted me back, 

Gotta love sisters!

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