Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shagz Trip Part 2

I realized I have some pictures from my last trip here.

We drove to Karatina for a wedding today. Went to pick up my grandma, and of course she invited 2 of her friends and my cousin. On the way we were also supposed to pick up my aunt, and of course, she invited her friend. I drive a Toyota; do not ask me to explain how we fit 6 people in the back of that car! Gotta love shagz!

The Lord showed me just how much He’s taught me about patience. I was pissed off, but I was oddly calm at the same time. I just said, I will not stress about this, let’s just get this over and done with. Of course my Zen attitude didn’t stop me from being stopped by the police. Apparently I used the wrong exit, (HE WAS WRONG! Just saying!) I agreed with him and was polite and mom walked with me when he led me away from the car and defended me. He let me off with a warning and said, “It’s because your mom reminds me of my mom” Thank you Jesus he didn’t ask me for a bribe or look inside that car, remember it was overloaded!

Anyway, we got to the wedding. Honestly, there is nothing like a Kikuyu wedding, especially a Kikuyu shagz wedding! It was crazy. All the weirdness and embarrassing moments you could think of were there. At the same time though it was a really great day, everyone had so much fun and I loved it. Fr future reference, I found this blog that details all the traditional aspects if you wanna check out out, click here.

Coming back I told my mom there was no way I was driving all those people back, and luckily her and my aunt Catherine had my back on that, so bye bye 6 people, I was left with 3!

We got home pretty early, on account of me pressuring them to leave before the cake cutting. (Didn’t wanna drive in the dark on foreign roads!)

Watched some iBethel TV and went to bed.



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