Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hair {on the} Brain / New Hair Regimen

As you might have guessed, this blog is all about....hurr!
Before this year, I had all but given up on my hair. I didn't see my hair ever growing beyond a certain length and I chalked it down to genetics. At least up until my sister (who used to commiserate with me over our shared hair woes) cut her hair a year ago and it grew back longer than mine, which rules out genetics.

All My Natural Frizzy Hair (No Make-Up...yayy for self esteem...not quite, but still) Glory :-)

So it all came down to hair - care. I realized I haven't really been putting much time or money or effort. This all changed when I saw this blog by Megan. She had absolutely gorgeous hair and she totally inspired me to put a little more effort in.

This is my new treatment/conditioning system, I add some natural oils to the Miadi treatments above and use do a 15 minute treat before deep conditioning for an hour.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ORS Replenishing Conditioner, it's the one thing that didn't make this whole hair process flop. The moisturizing lotion was all water and no oil/moisturizing properties at all. Same goes for the Motions Nourishing leave in conditioner This was hard to spray on and again it was water, I'd rather get a creamier leave in conditioner that makes you feel like you've actually used some product on your hair. (Update: The Motions Nourish Leave-in is actually GREAT as a detangler, it worked wonders, my hair which usually breaks quite a lot as I de-tangle, barely broke)

I tried to do the whole avoid heat and air-dry instead...with these products it was a little difficult {read frizzy} but I'm not stressing out about it too much because it was my 1st time. What I will change next time is probably to stay off of shampoo for a while and "conditioner-wash" because my hair is really dry.

Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted.

List of Characters (All Bought at Tuskys)
Castor Oil Ksh. 177
Coconut Oil Ksh. 61
Olive Oil Ksh. 77
Miss Africa Olive Oil Moisturiser Ksh. 175
ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner Ksh. 525
Miadi Treatments Ksh 225 each
Motions Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner Ksh 325


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