Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The One About Passport Photos and the Unfairness of the Lens

I went in to renew my passport last week and I got it back this week, (kudos to the immigration department, when my mom applied for our 1st passports 7 years ago, they took months to get back mine took 9 days!) Anyway, I went in with my passport photos I had taken at a studio, because I don't want to live with a bad passport photo like I live with a bad ID photo, (seriously why do ID photos always come out bad?!) shock on me, they had to take new photos at their offices which ended up on the passport.

Now at the studio, I had done my makeup, it was early in the morning so I was fresh and clean, at immigration, I was...not. I got back my passport exactly when I got these new photos taken for my blog by my old faithful friend who I shall forever refer to as Mr. T for his anger issues with me forcing asking him to take photos.

I'll generously share one with you and save the 1 million photos of my face for myself,  :-) why can't my ID, drivers license, and passport look like this?

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