Sunday, April 28, 2013

Worship Team Performance: Preparation Part 3 – Performance V. Worship

Catch Up:  Introduction
                 Part 1a: Preparation
                 Part 2: Grace Makes us Lazy

Lastly, the fine line between “performance” and worship. People go one of 2 ways:

1. Dramatics: Where worship is just dramatic and inauthentic and more pre-practiced routines passed down from generation to generation in the Church

2. Wallflowers: All prim and proper holding your worship inside of yourself and letting the ego win…that voice that says “I can’t expose myself in front of all these people what will they think?” Theresa Dedmon said, “There’s a part of you and me that if not let out, we’re robbing the world of seeing a part of God.” I think this applies here. I’m definitely guilty of this, all the time during rehearsal; guys are like, “Joanne, we can’t hear you!” This hit me hard. What you’re struggling so hard to bury and hide may be just the thing that God wants to use to set the world on fire.

Performance simply means, being in front of people. I think we believe the lie that worship should be restrained and acceptable before men to be acceptable before God. Or that worship shouldn’t be rehearsed or perfected because that makes it a performance.
Excellence in worship is releasing what God has put inside of you, that might be a Jenn Johnson “Yes!” shout, a Deitrick Haddon ecstatic “Hallelujah!” or a Mariah Carey diva-fied “Oooh!” complete with the hand motion. 

See you next week!

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