Sunday, April 14, 2013

Worship Team Performance: Preparation Part 1

Catch up:  Introduction

Neema split preparation up in 3 stages. Body, Mind, Soul/Spirit

To understand preparation of the body, think of your body as a wheel that you’re in charge of turning. When you start pushing it, it’s a little stiff, but once you get it turning, it gets easy. In the same way, we need to get our bodies in tip-top shape so that as we continue to engage and grow, our health/fitness isn’t holding us back.

She used artists like Juliani or Beyonce as an example, when you sing, can you end your set with the same strength vocally and physically you started with? Great ways to get your wheel turning physically...
is at least 20 minutes of hard cardio coupled with strength exercises. Stretching exercises like yoga or Pilates are also great to build your core and help your body learn what activity need an inhale, what activities need an exhale, where you need to or can hold your breath and so on, which all go into building your vocal aptitude.

Preparation of the mind is basically asking yourself: Why are you singing? If you know the reasons behind it you can stand up against any opposition. When you’re on any sort of platform, someone will always be around to oppose you and ask you what right you have to be there. You also have to know why you are and whose you are. Reasons can be anything from fun, to exercising your gift to an expression of worship. Whatever it is, know it and run with it. You also have to think about the audience you’re performing in front of.

Preparation if the mind also involves knowing your nervous ticks and taking charge of them. Your ticks send a message to the brain that you’re nervous, your mind elevates this message and pretty soon you’re panicking. Take a deep breath and as you continue to know yourself, know your ticks and control them.
Preparation of the soul can be compared to preparation of the body in that they both involve daily exercise using the tools you’ve been giving. Preparation of the soul means always being “on” or that the wheel is always in momentum. Jenn Johnson said once how the worship heart should never come off no matter how many other hats you’re wearing. You can’t leave performance, especially worship, to a last minute Hail Mary prayer backstage to patch up the missing areas of your life.

Continued next week!

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