Sunday, May 5, 2013

Worship Team Performance: Presentation 1 - Authority & Arriving

Catch Up : Introduction
                  Part 1: Preparation 1
                  Part 2: Preparation 2 - Grace Makes Us Lazy
                  Part 3: Preparation 3 - Performance v. Worship

This is when you’re on stage and is also split into 3: Authority, Authenticity and Abandon

Authority is arriving spiritually, mentally and physically. She gave the example of how her director would tell her she needed to consciously feel the ground beneath her feet. I know I’m guilty of this, getting absent minded, my thoughts just trail off and I forget to bring the mic up to my mouth and sing when I’m supposed to! The funny thing is when this happens, not just to me but I’m sure to other worship folk, that’s when you lift your hands and act all into the song, when 5 seconds ago you were thinking about the shirt the guy in front of you is wearing. Inauthenticity noted!

When you’re nervous it shows. Stand with your center of gravity intact; be stable, and not easily shaken. Take control of your nervous ticks.

Someone will definitely question your authority so know who you are.

Arriving mentally is knowing, loving and trusting your team. You’ll definitely not perform well thinking, “oh, so and so doesn’t like me” then at the same time thinking about whether the crowd likes you…you’re attacked on every side, but if you know the team is behind you and that they’ve got you, that helps you incredibly. So mend fences and build bridges wherever they need to appear.

Arriving spiritually is knowing whose you are and who everything is directed at and where it all comes from. It’s the assurance that whether you’re in a crowd or by yourself, you will still sing, you will still worship. Like Steffany Gretzinger sang once “This is for you and no one else, in a crowded room or by myself, I will worship you, in Spirit and in truth.”

See you next week!

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