Sunday, May 19, 2013

Worship Team Performance: REST AND RELAXATION

Catch Up : Introduction
                  Part 1: Preparation 1
                  Part 2: Preparation 2 - Grace Makes Us Lazy
                  Part 3: Preparation 3 - Performance v. Worship
                  Part 4: Presentation 1 -  Authority & Arriving
                  Part 5: Presentation 2 - Authenticity & Abandon

This should be a deliberate activity. It’s arrogant not to rest. Anticipate the crash after the adrenaline rush performance brings and work with it not against it. Take time to unwind, give thanks to God and to review your performance.

I’ve been learning a lot about the place of rest in my own life. It’s almost like Christian lingo using the word “soaking”, I know Beni Johnson uses it a lot. Soaking is basically meditating on God’s word and setting your heart on His presence. It’s the absence of striving to get to God and just letting God get close to you.
Striving is what most of us do best as Christians. It’s easier for me to read the Bible and journal and read books and pray than it is for me to listen. The longest I’ve ever been able to lay striving aside and rest in His goodness is like the length of Bethel Music’s “Without Words” CD which was designed for times of soaking, but that was a little bit of a one-off occurrence, now I can only do like 10-15 minutes. It’s definitely an area I need to work on, getting rid of distraction and just getting in tune with God.

Anyway, I thought I’d add this video here in case you needed to do the same. Like I said, this album is such a great tool. The Holy Spirit is woven through each note and I just love it. This song makes me cry every time...hope you love it too.

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