Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Family from Other Mothers - Worship Team

We had our Worship Team auditions yesterday. Everybody has to audition. Even if you've been in the worship team for 5 years, you have to re-audition every year; which I think is cool, it's something to look forward to and to display growth and get feedback.

Well, apart from us "oldies" (I love saying that, since I was a "newbie" for so long, we had a few fresh faces come in and it reminded me of myself - how nervous I was, how I was hoping to be perfect and was disappointed when I wasn't, having guys speak some sort of 'secret language' about chords and key changes, to be honest, I have no idea what a lot of that music talk is about :-)

So with all this, I'm reflecting on how AMAZING the past year serving with these guys has been. My team pictured here - I tell them all the time, they changed my life. I found another family here and even when it's not my team serving, seeing these other guys on stage, I feel so proud to know them, to know how hard they work and how much they love doing what they're doing! So, if you want to join a worship team, or any Ministry team, DO IT! Then show up. It's a humbling experience but you have to stick to it because the best is yet to come.

I thought I'd post today on what I wrote in my journal after my first time on stage, it was a Worship Night I think in September or October last year, I can't remember. Anyway, be encouraged.

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OK, first time on stage:

Not so great parts:
Very nervous!
Blanked for a second in the song “make me over”
Forgot some lyrics here and there
Had a hard time harmonizing on some songs so I jumped back and forth between soprano and alto.
My voice is shot! Doubt I’ll be speaking tomorrow.
Band was confusing. Guitar amp was all over the place, some songs we were at the chorus and the band was at the verse, but we soldiered on.
Best parts:
Sung some songs really well
Lots of people came forward for the alter call
Crowd was singing along and seemed somehow into it

Personally, God just jazzed me at the alter call time because I started having these thoughts in my head like, “People are bored and disconnected” etc, and then all of a sudden these people walk up and God is just like, “Jo, this is not about you! I desire to connect with my people more than you desire for me to connect with them.” So, despite my best efforts, it’s not about the worship leader releasing encounters, it’s God.

There were times I really felt the presence of God in me, but at the same time there were many distractions. Like you have to look at the atmosphere in the church, look at what the leader is signaling, listen to what the harmonies are and if you’re ok… I mean, it’s a lot of stuff outside then trying to lay all that aside for what’s inside. It’s tricky, but what I’m telling myself is Jenn Johnson led worship since she was a kid, it’s taken a lot of things - time included to get those guys to where they are.

Now I have a funny story about my first time on stage. I blanked for a whole chorus just staring into space with the mic held off to the side.


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