Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kenyan Home Security Industry

Written for Dream Properties Ltd. Website, first published on 11 July 2013

We’re a few days into the month and if you’re lucky money has come in. Unfortunately money has probably also gone out. One of the people who might have gotten a chunk of it is your Home Security Provider, or as we might know them, “That watchman at the gate.”

With the level of insecurity in the world today, an investment you need to make is with protecting your physical assets from theft and damage. Most gated communities have a guard to open and close the gate for you but have you checked out their credentials? Do you know their names and ID numbers? How ready are they to combat a gang of criminals should they come chasing after you? Will they protect you and your family or be the first ones out of the gate running away?

Most of us would agree that we would do everything within our power to protect those we love. Sadly though, often times, we get what we pay for and for most of us that’s a professional gate opener and closer. It only takes 1 minute or lapse and the worst consequence may be released. 

It’s time we, in our different communities need to resolve not to take a chance with home security services. The Kenyan Security Industry is well established and most Kenyans can name several reputable security companies in the market.

Many neighborhoods now are banding together to resource for a professional security company (a quick Google search can set you on the path to a good one) to ensure the safety of their property and families – and maybe also to ward off any threat of crime or violence.

Be sure to check that your chosen company has all the relevant insurances including the efficacy (failure to perform) insurance, and make sure they offer 24/7 response, on every day of the year. 

Make sure to regularly audit their services and ensure efficiency. Another good tip is to request the company to circulate the guards after a period of time. In the end, these are still strangers and as much as it’s great to build a rapport with a good guard, it’s equally important not to have a bad guard be too familiar with your schedule.

Be sure to check out some of our furnished properties which do come with security support.

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