Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Purposeful Pain v. Paralyzing Fear

Every morning, the 1st thing I do is check my e-mail. I'e subscribed to a few great devotionals and today I read one from Faith Gateway that I absoluely had to share with you guys. I'm only gonna post a little bit of it, so if you want the rest, click here

"Quite often, our pain has purpose; but just as often, we don’t see it. Instead, we focus on the fear of what might happen if our grip should slip.
The difference is, however, that even if we let go,
God hasn’t let go of us. He doesn’t. And He won’t.
There are times when we can’t hang on with our own strength, and other times when there wouldn’t be much point in doing so. It’s then that we have a choice: stay coiled up, pristine, and remain useless; cling so tightly to what is familiar and be so stressed by our fear of the unknown that we snap; or yield to what God would have us do, even if that means letting go.
And having faith that He hasn’t. He doesn’t. And He won’t.

Father, give me discernment to know the difference between purposeful pain and paralyzing fear. Make my heart and spirit pliable enough to receive Your divine instruction and faith that enables me to hold tight or let go, trusting Your perfect guidance."

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