Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I Learned about Love & Marriage From Samsung

OK, so if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram(!) you know how I got a new phone this past week. First off, my sincere apologies for talking about it SO much, one last time, I promise! But, I've never had a Smartphone before, so I keep telling guys how I feel like I've been living under a rock! I mean, I talk to this phone and it does what I say without complaining. That sounds crazy, but its actually true. (Hello S-Voice).

Anyway, so I've been excited over this phone. I begged my family to buy one for me as a birthday present LAST YEAR of course everyone refused. I mean, until today, my mom goes like, "Remember that time you asked me to buy you that phone? BHAHAHA!"

So, I've worked and saved money for the past 3 months, meaning, no pizza dates, no weekend drives to pick up my friends and go to lunch, no red velvet cake from java, no Steers - oh my gosh why does it sound like all my life seems to revolve around food? OK, no biking trips in Karura Forest (am I redeemed? :-) )


Anyway, I've saved up and I researched, oh boy did I research I have like 10 YouTube Videos on "Unboxing & Review" of this phone and that phone. "Comparison between Phone X & Y" etc. I went to the Samsung store every weekend to test these phones I basically knew everything there was to know about them. Everyday as I woke up at 5 a.m and trudged to work, got insulted day in day out by my boss, I stuck it out because I knew, August will be here soon and I'll have enough money to get this phone!

August finally came, but my paycheck came in late. A few weeks later, I got the money, but my debit card expired. So I got a new debit card, but the purchase was over the limit. So, I waited till a couple of days later, got the money, but the Samsung store was closed for renovation. So, I went to another store, they were sold out. I went to another store, they were sold out too. Finally got to a 3rd store and they had it!


Oh, sweet joy, they had it! I got it all set up. Got home, played around with it. Went to work the next day, downloaded all the apps, played around with it some more. 3 days later and I'm done. The excitement is virtually gone. I mean, for sure, I absolutely LOVE looking at it, and having it and knowing it's mine and I will protect it with everything. But it's not like I expected, 3 months of work for 3 days of excitement, doesn't seem like a fair trade off.

It got me thinking, love and marriage could end up being the same thing depending on how you are in your single years.

As a Christian, knowing all I know about love because of experiencing it through God every day (Amen?!) and through my friends and through the people I interact with from my new school and having this redeemed life, I get excited thinking about getting married and being in love, if this is what love is like.

It's easy to spend a day fantasizing about this future boyfriend/husband etc and how great life would be. Its easy when you're finally dating to be excited about being in love, hoping this is the one and jumping, not necessarily just into physical intimacy, but also into seemingly innocent emotional intimacy, like spending too much time together, saying I love you too quickly, prioritizing them over your own quiet time, not taking time to develop a friendship, etc.

Just like me and my 3 day excitement, we rob ourselves of the fruit of the wait when we spend the wait barely waiting. Living in the fruit of the moment before the actual moment.

Anyway lemme end this long post, I promised myself I wouldn't do that anymore :) just food for thought. Have a great weekend everybody!
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