Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thoughts at Midnight

In trying to stick to my commitment of writing up all the goodness I get to hear and be a part of daily, here I am at 12:05AM doing a recap of Saturday.

I have to say, it was a great day! I slept in till about 10AM, which is just what you do on Saturday in California. (Despite how much I planned to go on a run) I listened to some music, did my laundry, met a great girl who came over to the house and then kinda just chilled for the rest of the day. I was planning a movie night for a couple of people from my Revival Group and I'm just praying I get a car so I can pick up all these people who need rides but struggle to find them! (Like me :-)) so I can pick them up and shuttle them over to my house :-)

My landlords, friends, family here is amazing and allowed me to invite a couple of people over and I hope to do that some more because there's something INCREDIBLE about community and having Jesus just show up like He said He would where people in His name are gathered. His presence always come down, and I'm just so into hosting that :-) Anyway, I'm skipping ahead...

I went to In n Out with a few friends and I learned so much about love. Loving the people who don't get any love from anybody else. People can say no to attending a Church service, or getting prayed over, but few people can say no to no-strings-attached love. So, we were just talking about loving the community, and it really impacted me because these people really DO it. Open their doors to strangers and have their home be "Holy car washes" where people just walk through the door and get showered in the Holy Spirit. I was just asking God can I do that? Despite my fears for my space/safety, can He make me brave?

After that a couple of guys came over for my little movie night and we watched Finger of God. It was kind of cool to see the scenes set in Redding and be like, "oh, I know that place, I know where that is!" After the movie, we were just talking about what we learned from it and love, time & prayer were the major themes my friends brought up.

Love in the sense of how our love is what changes the nations. Love truly is the most powerful force on earth. Kids know this. Kids know, Jesus loves me, so He will heal me. Jesus loves me, so He will give this person a new kidney. They know this until we as adults train them otherwise. Love is simple and strong, just like Jesus.

Time is the one I struggle most with. Prioritizing time for prayer. I hate saying that, because it's not a task to check off a list. It's a conversation with the person I'm the luckiest to get to have a conversation with! It's as much a priority as breathing is.

Right now at school, we're told to rest and not go out into the streets and preach - that's kind of what BSSM is known for and what most people are itching to go out and do. However, Jesus taught us that most wars are won in the secret place much earlier than they are in public. Now in my prayer closet, I can pray for specific things, specific people - people I may not necessarily know and still see healing in their lives. I can practice the prophetic now without even seeing or touching the person and pray into that. I can practice my prayer language now, before I do it in front of anyone else. I get to balance that out with general prayers for what I might not know I need but that the Spirit can work with and contend for what I need - again, with this opportunity of sharing your heart with the one who loves you, how can I struggle with prayer and prioritize God?! He IS the priority. Not catching up on the latest TV shows on Hulu! (That's for me, lol)

So anyway, here I am, thinking on these things and about to pray. First and foremost for God giving me such an amazing friend, (Rhonelda!) and for surrounding me with some RIDICULOUSLY amazing world changers in my Revival Group. Thanks guys for coming over, you totally blessed my heart!
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