Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chico Trip!!!!

A couple of the ladies & I were so upset when we went to Weaverville a few weeks ago that none of us carried cameras. Weaverville is such a cute little historical town, like really old town America with the really old vintage looking shops and cinemas and "soda shoppes" like you'd picture from like 50's movies. So we'd been planning to go back for a short trip for a while.

This particular week, we knew we absolutely HAD to go, but one of the ladies cancelled last minute & we were bummed, about cancelling yet again, until Kathy called me & said, "hey, Wendy & I are gonna go to Chico, wanna come?" I was like, "Heck yeah!" I'll take any excuse to travel, so here are some pics from that day of Chico.

One of my highlights was this art gallery where we saw some ridiculously amazing photography pieces embossed on glass, I don't know what it's called, but I LOVED them. Forget canvas prints, I want glass photographs!!!

Anywho, let me shut up! Enjoy!

checker table in the town square :-)

chicken teriyaki, some soup and  cabbage thing I can't remember the name of

honor our law enforcement

bike shop


classic cars

Kenyan coffee more expensive than columbian coffee jus sayin...#kenyapride

this picture makes me laugh, I'm keeping it :-D

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