Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Night

Friday night seems like the perfect night to catch up on what's been happening on the dating scene :-) Hahaha, it's Friday night & I'm blogging, that catches you up!

I don't know I've learned a lot about myself these past couple of months and I'm kinda glad I'm sort of forced to process them with God. We talk about dating with my friends a lot, so I don't want to act coy & pretend I've not been thinking or praying about it. There are times of impatience, times of doubt where you think, "does anybody notice me :-( :-(" But there is also this overriding season of peace. I know myself & the dreams God's placed in  my heart. I've gotten a couple of dreams & prophetic words on family, plus I was born on Mother's Day, I'm taking that & running with it!

I've been thinking a lot about purity & boundaries. I think it's been hitting me just how much my choices will affect my kids. There are 2 versions of the example I've led for them. The first is a cautionary tale on how not to do life. Now that I have this abundant life, I get the chance to show them how to do life. I'm writing their script in a way. I don't want to be the type of parent who lays down the law & pushes them against me even more. I want to be able to show them different paths, the consequences of each and make them know they are powerful by the choices they make.

So what's the new version I want to write for them? It may look like dating in groups or having chaperones. It may look like discussing boundaries with Spiritual authority/parents. It may look like saving "I Love You" for my engagement. It may look like holding hands & hugging being the extent of our intimacy. These are definitely going to be interesting conversations to have with him, whoever he is.

Right now, it looks like developing great friendships. It looks like desiring God with all my heart. It looks like fighting for my breakthroughs in intimacy with God & friends. It looks like rejoicing with those who rejoice & not being jealous or comparing myself to them. It looks like being joyful & thankful. It looks like not being sleeping beauty with my life on hold until Prince Charming gets bold enough to ask me out ;-). It looks like trusting God & living out the fact that He is good.
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