Friday, November 29, 2013

November 2013 Insta-Summary

Things I'm grateful fr: I've known since I was 10I was going to go to California and learn to be a pastor even before I ever heard of Bethel or BSSM. 13 years later, many ups and downs...God brings me here. He's been with me since I was born never left my side. He longs for me t pull on the strings of His heart knowing He will respond to me. He says, "YOU are mine forever" How crazy is that?!

An amazing friend made me chicken noodle sou because I mentioned how long it had been since having a home cooked meal.

Thankful for spontaneous worship with Bill Johnson

Thankful for fire tunnels

Failed attempt at chocolate chip cookies...

Behind the waterfall there's life, beauty & treasures of Gold

Off day brekkie

So much beaity here, my heart is going to burst!

Elizabeth's old house near the golf course

Homework in the garage

Spirit break out at my school

Chico road trip with Wendy & Kathy

Home made banana bread!
  Chico beatles

Top down to Sacramento with Makari

Working the merch table for Building 429, can you say, never in my wildest dreams!

Thousand Foot Krutch

I just met the of epic proportions

Winter Jam 2014


Trip to the zoo 

City Projects supervisor brought us coffee and donuts :-)

View from Twin View

New Bible!

It's hard to believe 4 months ago I didn't know this girl & now I can't imagine not knowing her. She's taught me what it looks like to seek God's heart, what identity looks like, what belief looks like. I can't wait to learn more! Happy Birthday to one of my best friends @elizabethmiranda I love you!!! Here's to an ocean full of more adventures!!!

Mashed potatoes, sweet potato, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce & stuffing...the last 2 were my faves! #thanksgivingplate

Hunting for a Christmas tree :-)

Not a bad view to enjoy #mtlassen #lassenforest #christmastree cutting

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