Friday, November 22, 2013

Wait...What, Who is That?

I realized I'm too close to becoming the girl who stands up at every alter call. Jesus died for our sins once and for all! Once you asked for deliverance for something, it's OK to walk in it, and walk in freedom once and for all. This week after my last post, I was asking myself the question, "OK, why me? Why did I get the breakthrough?" I realized the answer is...for them. Like the song says, for the sake of the world, burn like a fire in me. So after worship, when the speaker said, "someone here is going through such and such", instead of digging deep to find the tiny part of me that still has residue from when I felt like that 10 years ago, I was like, "oh, wait, no, I already got prayer for that, God gave me freedom from that, now I can walk this other person into freedom!"

It's so simple but it was such a huge revelation for me! It was awesome, got to give some prophetic words and encourage a couple of people. (Yay God! Growth!)

More importantly, I realized, my identity doesn't have to be "the girl who struggled with this" or "the girl who dealt with that". I don't have to keep re-hashing that. It is tempting to do that here, because you meet with so many leaders & you kind of want them to see who you are so they can speak into you, but I'm at a point where it's like, no, I'm not hiding anything, but there's so much more to me than what I already dealt with. I mean, would it make sense for me to finally meet Bill Johnson & say, "Oh, Bill, when I was 10, I was bullied" when I could say, "Hey Bill, God put in my heart to pursue this type of ministry, do you have any advice for me on how to do do that?" While, trusting Holy Spirit to bring up whatever else needs to be brought up & being absolutely ready to go wherever He leads.

I feel like a lot of times, God is like, "wait, what, who is that?" because God doesn't see us, know us or remember us like that! I think about Saul in the Bible, wait...what, who is that? I mean Paul :-) :-) His "sin" was his adherence to the law & anti-Jesus. When He encountered the Lord, his identity was changed to Paul and his life was marked by the complete opposite of who he was, now he's pro-Jesus. Think about Peter, his "sin" was his shame & denial of Jesus to 3 random strangers. When he encountered God, his life was marked by the complete opposite of his past and now he's this bold, courageous guy, telling 3 thousand + about the Lord. Abram, wait..what, who is that? I mean Abraham, after his encounter with God his legacy is his new story not the old one, who even knows his old story? Every story in the Bible illustrates my point. There's a huge difference between telling your testimony & being defined or getting your identity from anything else apart from Jesus.

I think this is a word for a lot of people. It is absolutely OK to be free. Do the work, put in the time, bring sin out into light, go through counseling, inner healing, fight for your breakthrough, but once you get it, RUN WITH IT!!! I'm like, "God your word says, though my sins are scarlet, You've made me white as snow, so as far as I know, I'm white as snow, nobody can tell me otherwise!" Then prophesy over yourself, like, "My present is not a definition of my past, but a revelation of my future" and think about what God says about your future. That He has great plans for you, good & prosperous plans. Those specific things that He's told you. Call people into your life who will speak truth into you & hold you accountable. Then lead others into that same encounter!

It's OK to be a powerful person, to walk & minister in authority.

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