Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 2013 Insta-Summary

New lippie deserves a selfie #maybelline #redlip

first snow flurry #GodIsGood #snowincalifornia

* * * snow makes us happy :-) :-) * * *

Just got a memory of listening to Jim Reeves White Christmas in my parent's room as a kid #DreamAnsweringGod #blownaway


That's a good couple inches :-) #snowincalifornia

Woke up to take a walk & see the sun rise, because how often does the sun rise on snow covered palm trees (not pictured)

Jeremy Riddle leading, tree lighting service #before

Encounter Day @ BSSM

Love my core group! #latergram from RG christmas party last night. Thanks @heatherarmstrongphotography when you take a picture it's legit!

Beautiful are the feet of those that go telling the good news of happiness that our God reigns! Isaiah 52:7 #HesMyDaddy #ImHisKid

My heart is about to burst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you wake up not knowing how you're gonna buy groceries let alone afford them then your friends buy you more food than you've ever seen in your life!!! I have cornflakes I haven't had cornflakes for 2 months! Guys, I HAVE VEGETABLES!!! I HAVE BEEF!!! #GodsGotMyBack #GodTakesCareofUs #GodIsGood #kenyansinredding #family #tears #unbelievable #EricandAnneAreAmazing

Everybody's posting about the #Redding #sunset totally worth it, fire in the skies

Runny mascara after watching Kris Vallotton's sermon from this past Sunday, #selfie # tearsfordayz #choosefamily #changetheworld #bethelredding

For God to look at me & say, "Did you see that courage and great faith? See how she had no idea what would happen but she judged me faithful, she looked at me & fell in love. Make sure you put it like this...that's my girl!" #billjohnson #supernaturalwaysofroyalty


There's kid's church, then there's Saddleback Kid's Church!!!

Christmas Eve Service in The OC #pacificcoast #latergram

My cousin just sent me a pic of her & my cūcū (grandma). This woman prayed me into heaven & taught my mom how to pray, who taught me to pray. I am because of her. #missher #christmasbackhome

Christmas trees, palm trees & summer weather #SoCal

If I had my family, this would be my favorite Christmas, but as far as solo Christmases go, this was the absolute best #dreamscametrue #onlythebeginning

Huntington Beach Pier
ALONE time in Newport Beach

New Years Masquerade Ball

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