Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lessons Learned from The Cosby Show: Poem for Mom & Dad

I've been watching The Cosby Show & it's just been wrecking me. Let me warn all you future BSSMers, you will never watch TV without seeing Jesus in the characters! So this scene, Denise writes a song for a school project and she re-writes it to be about her parents.

I just thought about how sweet this is & how shy she is doing this & got a picture of me scribbling furiously in my journal for God & how He must feel :-) :-) :-)

Don't know why the clip is starting at the wrong place, click the start of the video to get to the good part :-)

I tried to transcribe it, it probably isn't correct, but hey, it works!

My mother & my father
are my best friends
when I'm all alone, 
I don't have to be
Its because of me, when I'm all alone I see
that their love is real
Their wisdom & their love is all mine
I have faith in them all the time
The best living friends
The best living lovers
To the end
Their love is real
Never have they lied to me
Never have they connived me
Talked behind my back
Never have they cheated me
Their love is real, 
Their love is real
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