Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Evolution of Dance - Family Night Ideas

A couple of friends and I walked into a store in the mall and this kid's face was plastered all over a merch table and none of us knew who he was. One of the guys asked, "is that Justin Bieber?" no, it wasn't Justin Bieber. Shows how old we are! LOL

Anyway, it made me realize that when my kids grow up, Justin Bieber to them is going to be like Michael Jackson to me. My dance moves (which are pretty spectacular to me) will make me the embarrassing parent chaperoning the school dance.

Have you guys watched this video, "The Evolution of Dance?" It absolutely cracked me up!

To all you dear parents, clear out the living room, invite some friends, hang up your disco ball or LED lights and bust some moves with your kids. Now there's a fun night!

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