Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fitness & Blurred Lines

So I've been working out & like most people, I spend a lot of time on pinterest & instagram on the "fitspiration" pages getting inspired to be fit i.e. fitspiration. It's worked, I'm in "beast mode" and "giving 1 more push-up" and getting fit because "nothing tastes as good as being fit feels". In the midst of all the mantras and positive thinking and inspiration, is a very blurry line between fitspiration and plain porn.

What exactly is porn. Is it restricted to the actual act of coitus (Big Bang Theory anyone? :-)), or does it start at naked images of 2 or more people, or 1 person. Progress is amazing, but why do we have to turn something as great as fitness and health into sex. If you want to take a picture of your abs, take a picture of your abs, you don't have to do it in a thong and worse, pulling down the front part of your thong to give us more than enough details! Same goes for guys & undies selfies!

I hate the prevalence of the over-sexualization of everything. Take Beyonce's new album videos. I haven't listened to the album, because on Youtube, all the videos are marked "explicit", why? Hasn't Bey garnered enough success to not have to resort to showing her ass to the world? Or, Rihanna's song with Shakira, the lyrics of the song have nothing to do with gyrating in risque swimsuits.

Honest question, where does sexiness end and porn begin? This line is so blurry. I feel like an porn addict could watch a music video playing in his living room in the middle of the afternoon, not sneaking away or hiding anything & satisfy his craving. S

Anyway, on to happier things...

JillIan Michaels totally kicked my butt today. I only got to minute 21 before I quit. Then I thought to myself, "if I'm gonna live a life of no regrets, I better finish this workout". So I took a 5 minute break, turned on some Hillsong Young & Free and got back to it.


I wasn't perfect at it, and like I said, it murdered my arms, which is why this is my new go-to workout, talk about a burn!!! I'll probably do it again after church tonight. It's only 35 minutes so I don't think its too much for 1 day. I can't wait to feel sore tomorrow so I know which muscles I worked lol.

Happy Sunday folks!

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