Sunday, March 9, 2014

Here's to No Regrets

Regrets suck! I think we can all agree on that. Whether it's regretting that secret you spilled over some girl talk, or that extra slice of pizza or your entire past, whatever it is, regrets suck! A lot of the time though, we can choose our actions by looking past the present moment into what we'll feel after the deed is done. I'm resolving to not have any more regrets that I can control.

Sometimes that looks like thinking 5 steps ahead, for example, I'm not signing up for this volunteer position because I'm not going to be committed for the next 10 weeks and I'll regret being absent. Remember though, as Kris Vallotton always says, "all truth is held in tension". Sometimes, God wants you to be present in step 1 and if you chuck it all in because you're afraid of step 5 will mean you miss out on something that could have been really good.

I'm not going after perfection. Perfection is almost as bad as regrets when you think about what it does to you, what I am going after is asking Holy Spirit for wisdom. I don't want to miss out on what He has for me. I don't want to waste my emotional energy beating myself down for not doing this or doing that.

I can't change my past, but I can affect my future, simply by the choices I make, by not doing something I'll regret later and by building an action plan.

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