Thursday, March 13, 2014

Treasure Hunts, Trader Joe's & Victoria Secret Legs!

Treasure Hunts Today!!!

Treasure hunts are my city service/activation. Basically, a team of 3-5 people fill out a treasure map, which is a list of clues about who God is highlighting to us at that particular time. So today on my list, I had a bunch of stuff among them I had, red & white striped shirt. So we went downtown to a coffee shop which was on my team mates list & found a girl in the shirt I wrote down! So we went up & prayed for a few things for her & prophesied over her that was really cool

The boys also found this guy who had just moved to Redding & prayed and prophesied over him and when they came back & told me, I was like, "No way, I had 'moved to a new city' on my treasure map" It would have been so cool for the guy to see that & know he really was God's treasure for the day just as an added bonus!

Afterward, we had class & were prayed over & released for our mission trips!!! #6daystoitaly

We had a Trader Joes run and I got their Turkey burgers & honey wheat buns & handsome cut french fries.

I was craving some In n Out & figued I could satisfy my cravings in a healthier way than animal fries & animal style burger. I just packed the burger with spring mix & cut the cheese. Oh yeah, it hit the spot!!!

I also had some of this...crack in a plastic bag! These are so good. I've never had kettle corn until meeting my housemate Julie, the thought of sugar in popcorn made me sick, but now, OMG Kenya you don't know what you're missing! Nobody does it better than Trader Joe's!

My workouts for the day included walking 2.1 miles to school in the morning and...

these were some amazing stretches for my poor, sore strong body! I don't know what it is about working out & eating semi-well...I feel hot! I know I have probably not lost 100 pounds, but I feel so strong & confident. My legs probably look the same, but I feel like a freaking Victoria Secret Model walking the runway. Exercise is a great self-esteem boost. It's the weekend tomorrow, I just might go on a little run, at the very least a brisk walk. I never thought I'd say this, but, I'm probably packing workout clothes to Italy as well. Let's see if I can do a couple of workouts in the land of pasta and gelato!


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