Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I watched this episode of 7th Heaven once where Eric and Annie were quizzing Mary and Lucy about what they wanted in a husband. Mary's opinion was that he should be independent from his parents because she was not planning on being one of those girls who "leaves and cleaves". On the other hand, Lucy was all, "I should be close to his family because I'm definitely going to leave and cleave."

I'm such a Lucy. One of my biggest prayers is that my future husband comes from a great family. Specifically I pray for his parents and grandparents. For his mom and I to have a relationship as good or better than my mom has with my sister-in-law. For his dad to be amazing and a huge part of our lives, just because I really want a dad in my life. For his grandparents to be healthy and amazing and a part of our lives. For his siblings to be some of my closest friends. Those things really matter to me. At the same time, obviously I pray for my guy to fit into my family and find his place there. For my siblings to feel free to call him up for whatever reason. For my nephews and nieces to be in love with him. For my mom to absolutely love him.

I am definitely a leave and cleave girl.

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