Monday, April 7, 2014

Italy Mission Trip Day 1/2 - Thursday & Friday

For some reason I got so whacked last night, just praying for this trip. Elizabeth & I ended up dancing to Jesus Culture in the living room & talking till late sharing dreams. God's already at work!

Unfortunately I had a bit of a cold the last couple of days, but who cares, trip day is here and one way or another, this body WILL GET WELL! I woke up at 5 am today, one from not being able to breathe through my nose, two to get an extra shot or Apple Cider Vinegar, three out of EXCITEMENT! 8 am rolled in and Julie drove me to Bethel. I forgot my phone so I was late.

Well, we were on our way to San Fran to catch our flight. The drive went by so quick because I was asleep almost all the way, but I woke up in time to see some of the city and I loved it, its so beautiful. I also caught a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our flight was at 4:25pm

Boarding the Plane. See those swollen eyes? I was so sick, I felt like I was gonna faint. We went to a sandwich shop in SFO and I felt a little nose being blocked though led to some intense pain during landing - like, brink of tears pain & having a blocked ear for a couple hours.

Oh my gosh, I didn't need a sleeping pill, Bob put me right to sleep, no offense to Reggae lovers, I mean it in the best way!

Charles Du Galle Airport! We're in PARIS!!!

We were supposed to land in Florence at 3pm, but we were re-routed to Pisa. I was cool with the impromptu 1 hour shuttle tour :-)

Once we got to Florence, we were set free to explore, grab some food. We ended up at this fancy restaurant & I ordered pizza of course. Well, if you're like me and like a loaded pizza with 8 toppings and extra cheese, you'll quickly realize, that's not what pizza is in Italy. Pizza is simply amazing crust, sauce, mozzarella, a couple of thin slices of prosciutto/ham and you're done. I broke the rules & got extra mushrooms on mine though.

Doesn't this look exactly like Moi Avenue in Nairobi?!!

I was so exhausted by this point. Finally we were on our way home to the convento in Viarreggio, where I promptly collapsed into my top bunk.

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