Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 2014 Insta-Recap

Last core group of the year, I have a lot to be thankful for #bssm

Feeling super #iloveamerica today and this was up during worship. Seeing as its my last week here, I have to say, thank you America for all the good you do for this world. Thank you for making it possible to go after dreams & enjoy the process. Thank you for the movies and TV shows for my favorite music and mega churches. Thank you for the beauty you possess. Thank you for the young people you've enabled to change the world. See you soon! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Packing round 1, I figure I might as well start while I still have the emotional energy to do it #itsstillhard!

This girl somehow managed to order a salad at #innout #rabbitfood - protein style, extra lettuce, no cheese, no spread(!) the foodie in me just died a thousand deaths @ngyossef

Movie Premieres & Film Festivals Thanks #BSSM for making my California dream that much more real πŸŽ₯🎭 so cool to watch movies made by friends & people I know & one day when they make it big I can say I was there when... #bssmfilmfestival

I would never have thought that 1 day is be sitting in a basketball game behind Ben Armstrong (@mysticmetron) cheering for Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson, Banning Liebscher & Eric Allen. Surrounded by GREATNESS tonight #FathersILookUpTo #bssm #bensrg2014

Commissioning Day// God said to Moses, "Take Joshua the Son of Nun - the Spirit is in him! - and place your hand on him. Stand him before Eleazer the Priest in front of the whole congregation and commission him with everyone watching. Pass your magisterial authority (splendour, majesty, vigour) over to him so that the whole congregation will listen obediently to him// Numbers 27:18-20 #bssm #fathers #Kingdom #foundmyplace bawled my eyes out

This is by far one of the best human beings on the planet. She sees people. She knows people. She has a heart bigger than anyone ever. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met. She practically got half of us to school everyday. She would leave a first row seat to come and get you from the top of Mt. Shasta if you asked her to. She's been there for me in ways I can't begin to describe. She's been my closest friend even on days I felt invisible. She is my future bridesmaid. It's been the biggest gift to run with her all year and I'm not letting go :-) I love you 

#tbt audition video for worship teams...Thank God for His wisdom, I wouldn't have made it #hindsight #loveourteams
#tbt to yesterday where after we got commissioned, I looked back and saw this on the screen, oh yeah!

Yes that is #BrianJohnson leading prayer time live and in person this morning #lovemyschool #hewritessongsfortheworld #creativityandtalent

#lastdayoffirstyear last day swiping in to the Civic with a blue badge

 don't know about the rest of me but my hair's certainly ready for 3 days of airports & travel πŸš™ ✈ ✈ ✈ πŸš™ #braidsfordays not gone yet, had to spend my birthday tomorrow in my favorite place on earth #bethel #redding

It's my #birthday!!! Thanks for the wishes. #feelingcelebrated it was such a good day my heart is happy AND I got to be at 2 Sunday Services with Brian, William & Kalley leading and watched Bill Johnson preach #daymade AND I got cheesecake AND I went to my favorite restaurant with a group of people I've missed dearly AND the servers sang happy birthday to me and gave me a free Sundae AND It's mothers day and 2 moms at Church gave me tons of hugs and loved on me even though we were strangers cz thats just what happens at Bethel AND I got Season 7 & 9 of 7th Heaven AND I'm 24!!! #yearofpromises #dreamscomingtobirth #itsnotover

#BourbonStreetSteak #birthdaydinner πŸ‘
Last Swipe of the Year!!!

Redding Sunsets!!!!! Best view tonight, farewell/birthday dinner with @janay555 at #View202

 Stayed 1 night on Dubai!!!!

Reading Increase waiting for my flight at SFO

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