Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School Of Ministry First Year Impact

I recently applied (& got accepted!) to 2nd year and we had to answer some questions online and in a one-on-one interview. I saved some of my online answers because I thought it would be cool to look at some years down the line.

What two areas that have impacted you the most from your first year experience?
 1. Loving others: being involved in Treasure Hunts & generally being placed in positions where I had to pray for & prophesy over others has been a stretching experience & has given me a deep love & compassion for people that I had never tapped into before. I'm learning what it looks like to love what God sees in people and not my own first impressions.
2. What being a powerful woman looks like: through watching & interacting with powerful people & going through inner healing I didn't know I needed until I got here, I keep growing in the realization that I don't have to act like a powerful person, I just am. Knowing my identity, knowing I don't have to put on a personality - knowing that I am worthy of love whether I meet people's (or my own) expectations or not, simply because I will always show up. 

What two areas that you have been challenged in the most?

 1. Evangelism: I have never approached a stranger & never thought I could because "it just wasn't my thing" but interacting with the 2nd years has kicked me out of the nest - I have been pushed a lot into giving words of knowledge on the spot & it has really challenged me, so much so that now I can't not start conversations with strangers, which before was not possible for me.
2. Performance mentality - I have had to rid myself of this pattern that I lived in where I only approach people especially leadership when I have something good to show them/put on a mask of perfection. People can definitely see through that here, so I've been learning to just be me, to honor my heart, if I'm going through things to let people in & not just try & handle it on my own so I can maintain a certain image.

What two areas have you have grown in the most?
1. Boldness: the first few weeks of school, I was scared talking or singing in front of people - now I can't believe it's me sometimes. It's definitely an area of growth & I can't wait to see what that ends up looking like.
2. Relationally: I am learning how to do friendship well, what honor & confrontation & love looks like. Previously, I always gave up on friendships when struggles arose, but now I'm fighting for my friendships & bringing people in because this is God's plan for me

What is one leadership quality you are still growing in?
Not letting my voice disappear in the crowd, stepping out & voicing my needs/opinions.  There's a thin line between a servant heart & a slave heart & I'm learning what that looks like. For example, taking the trash out every week might show a servant heart; but taking the trash out every week because I'm afraid of confronting my roommates to do it, that's a slave heart. So basically, telling people what to do/what I need done is an area I'm growing in.

Briefly explain why you want to attend 2nd year
I've definitely learned a lot in 1st year & it was worth the investment, so I definitely want to continue with the  program because there's still a lot more offered to pursue. More than that though, after interacting with 2nd years, I want what they have. There is definitely a depth of maturity & leadership that they exemplify and more opportunities to grow as a leader that I am incredibly interested in. I'm excited for more Bible Classes & more targeted training opportunities that will help me build my future ministry. I'm also looking forward to pursuing leaders & learning from them as much as I can. 

Do you feel called to a particular aspect of career ministry or are you called to another sphere of influence? Please explain:
Yes. I feel called to teach about purity and/or family relationships. Also in writing music.

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