Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014 Insta-Recap

Full house, Madaraka Day weekend, kids screaming and shouting all couches taken #home #family

Short trip to Thika

Short trip to our miracle land in Ngong

In honor of the world cup, I went running on a soccer pitch with my sister and she just kicked my ass #fitness #orlackthereof
joannefuraha @elizabethmiranda remember how excited I was for yours, look what happened, your theory works!!! :-) :-)
elizabethmiranda Ahhhh This makes me extremely happy!!!!! You're going to be a pro by September haha ;) can't wait to hear you play and what not :) #getexcitedforothers #itscontagious

#flashbackfriday to standing in line for an hour to meet the #Newsboys and getting my CDs signed #np

My mom decided she had to be the 1st one to try on my cap & gown :-) #mydegreeisherdegree #onemoreweektostepintofreedom
taylorrchristine It's prophetic. Your mom is being promoted. She has spiritual credentials that are being recognized and it's going to launch her into something new. @joannefuraha
joannefuraha I take that @taylorrchristine :-) Thank you!

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