Friday, August 29, 2014

August 2014 Insta-Recap

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 Oh hello there, long time no see, what do you have for me today #traderjoes #grocerytrip

Friday Night Service turned into 2 and a half hours of worship and a fire tunnel, I saw 1 girl's back problem get 80% better and another girl in another group taking her first steps after getting prayers for a degenerative disease #comeonJesus #perfectalignment #IWillExalt

Room makeover complete for under $25, I got a great queen bed for $25 from a lovely family and picked up a shelf for free in front of somebody's house ;-) and got the other black bookshelf from my amazing housemates #collegelife #budgetliving #prewealthliving ;-) ready for the school year!

Bill gave every family a free copy of his new book today, my (current) family of 1 was happy to grab one ;-) other than that it was a spectacular service and I got to see Brian and Jenn lead for my first time ever :-) #happysunday

this is just a little bit of the hill that leads up to church, I biked up this hill last summer and walked up this hill many times after that rain or shine. I walked up this hill felt like dying, sometimes crying, mad, sad, still doing it anyway because it was worth it to me and I guess this hill represents my life here at #Bethel & in America. It's worth it living my dream and all, but frustrating with no freedom, no money, unable to legally work & pay back my family, no idea if it's going to be worth it in the end, my "recent graduate" years passing by when all my friends back home are settled in careers and getting married while I (supportively) stay lonely (yet surrounded by amazing guys who won't pursue) and it's a frigging high scary hill to climb. This year though, my great friends & my super mom made it possible for me to get a car - an amazing car I ♥ for the year. God is so good and so faithful! I just have to exercise the same faith in my figurative trekk up my hill. That somehow God is moving and a miracle is lying on the next corner. #bssm
joannefuraha Oops sorry for the long post #externallyprocessing
michelle_eshiwani God is moving ,and your miracle has already arrived.Begin thanking God for all the marvelous things that have began working in your life. You're destined for greatness love and the best part is That God has done it for you ,receive it and posses it.You deserve it
joannefuraha @meshiwani Thank you babe I totally do & same for you. Love you sooo much!...

I give you all of me, you give me all of you #nothingiswasted

As Long As You Don't Let Go Of The Ropes, You're Still In The Game #boxing A lot of times we discount people for living with 1 foot in the church and 1 foot out. We say "she's such a hypocrite I just saw pictures of her grinding in the club last night what's she doing in Church today". We fail to recognize that 1 foot in the church is still 1 foot IN. In our hastiness and false perfection we edge those feet out and push them into the world instead of drawing them in with love and compassion. Yes the ultimate decision needs to be made by them but making them feel guilty for their process doesn't help. As for us, we need to remember when those 50/50 pre-believers finally do believe and all their sin is swept away and forgotten, the parts that God will remember will be the moments they had their foot in church, holding on, trying to find Him in their process.

Ok I'm on #adifferentworld binge so be ready for a bunch of quotes. Old tv shows have a lot of wisdom (and romance) ;-) #whitleygilbert Julian: Are there any more important dates that I should know about? Holidays? Anniversaries? Symbolic rituals? Whitley: Well, there's February 15th... Julian: The day we met. Julian: I have a present for you Whitley: Oh! You're giving me the world! Julian: And that's just the beginning :-*

Just saw this old cash register at a Jeep dealership that's been running in Redding for almost 60 years. I thought it was pretty cool #vintage

Pre Friday Night Service selfie in honor of my bestie @meshiwani who gave me this statement necklace for my going away present and because when it comes to jewelry nobody's got anything on her love you babe #outandabout ;-) ;-)

If you're able to watch last night's service by Dawna DeSilva, I would. I really, really, really recommend it. Friday Night Service August 15th on If you don't have a subscription, it's the best $1-$3 you'll spend #bethelredding

you have to respect people's journeys and also realise that all the voices coming at you mean nothing if they don't hold up to what God says you are. You need to filter the voices coming at you...sometimes, at least for me depending on the source, its easy to hear the "you suck you're a failure" more than God's "You're Awesome! You're my winner!" Just because its easy doesn't mean its good, right or healthy. His voice needs to be the loudest one I hear, He knows me best, He knows parts of me nobody else knows, right? #tryingtogrowup #process

A sweet new friend at church made me cookies because I mentioned last week I was homesick ♡♡♡

Pre-service selfie, excited to head to #thesix #JesusInRealLife

had a spectacular day today, really I can't even begin to describe it, so thankful to finish it off by picking this little gem up...I may not be able to buy anything for a while after this unexpected purchase, but I believe it's gonna be so worth it! A musical journey into the heart of God by one of the best. Ya'll go out and get this! #steffanygretzinger #theundoing

someone needs to tell my mum I made ugali that actually looks like ugali and of course it happened when I wasn't in her house to prove it...a picture will have to do #kenyanfood and representing my current location, what's more American than water with berries in a #masonjar with a bendy straw?

tackling some interesting topics on the blog today... Sex, Media & Feminism - My Open Letter to Beyonce. Link in profile or

today on the blog, a topic near and dear to my heart "How to Own Your Singleness" should be a fun read, be sure to hit that share button :-) link in profile or #singlelife

took more than an hour to wash, but never has a chore been more joyous #THANKFUL #jeepinit
a new friend introduced me to #RootsJuiceBar I got the mean green machine (which I christened Mama Joan's juice because my mama would love it) it had kale, apples, ginger, green peppers and a bunch of other good stuff

quit taking a raincheck on your life waiting for the next season to fully live! #lifestartsnow link in profile :-)

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