Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Own Your Singleness! - Part 1

At a recent Young Adults meeting at my Church, I learned that "people who love their lives are characterized or marked by ownership. We can't gain any traction in life until we become owners." (Quoted from Jeremy Riddle) I am definitely guilty of waiting for the next season so my life can begin. So I started thinking, what can I do to maximize and own my life where it's at right now? I came up with a list of things and here's a few of them.

1. Have a Big Yes
As you should know by now, this is my go to advice to any problem. Have a big yes in your heart because a strong yes is your best no. I can't be in 2 places at the same time. In saying yes to owning my life in this season, I'm saying no to moping around and feeling sorry for myself because I have no one to watch 24 reruns on Netflix on a Saturday night with.

2. Realize That Your Life is Marked by a Lot More Than Your Relationship Status
Steven Furtick put it best this past Sunday, "Singleness and marriage are both gifts but they are not The Gift; the real gift is Grace. It's gonna take grace for our selflessness, faithfulness, commitments, relationships, all of it to work. The same grace God gives people for marriage is the same grace He gives to single people. Some of you are so focused on the gift you want from God that you're missing the grace He's giving you right now." That's the gift we should be contending for: a life marked by grace.

3. Become The Person You've Always Wanted to Be
I want to be a woman marked by God's Grace, I want to live in confidence of Him and who He is in my life, I want to be generous and kind when no one's looking, I want to go above and beyond for strangers without expectation, I want to be focused and determined to bring to pass what He put on my heart - that's a girl I'd wanna not make single, haha. So, who do you want to see when you look at yourself in a mirror in a month or a year or 10 years?

4. Sort Through Your Past
This is the best time to find out what makes you tick and get some counseling or inner healing if you need it. True, some issues will only become apparent after you're in a relationship or in certain situations, but most things, you can deal with right now and make life that much easier when you move to the next season whether that's dating, marriage or staying single.

5. Be Fully Present in Your Current Relationships
Develop deep family connections where you are right now. Move beyond the surface and let yourself be fully known and seen by a group of people who love you and want the best for you. The older you get, the more family you should have because family isn't just the people you share blood with, it's the people you love and that love you back. Pray for God to set you up with some spiritual parents, sisters and brothers, people who'll have your back.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for part 2 of this post!

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