Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Own Your Singleness - Part 2

Yesterday, I introduced the topic on how to enjoy your single life. Truth be told, I can probably add 10 more points to this list - proof that there is great joy to be found in this season of life. Here's part 2, let me know in the comments or #lifestartsnow if you do one of these.

6. Travel
Even if it's just a 30 minute road trip to see a waterfall in a neighboring town. Roll the windows down, turn the music up and go. I'm lucky to have traveled quite a bit over the past year and I remember my first night ever in a hotel room by myself in Dubai. I've never felt more exhilarated in my life. I explored and got lost in my hotel and laughed trying to find my way back to my room, I ate a bunch of food, I took a long bath, I sat out in the balcony and breathed in a new felt good, I felt free. Anyway, point is do some exploring! It's great to share experiences with someone but it's also really exhilarating to do some things on your own.

7. Let Go of Desperation & TRUST God's Timing
It's easy to be desperate and clutch onto every word and every glance, every introduction and every coffee date thinking it will lead you to the one. Learn to let go and trust God's timing. Statistically, you will get married at some point. Forget statistics because they don't really know the heart. God knows the heart and exactly what our hopes and desires are. For example, mine is to be pursued from the very beginning. I know it's against the whole, "millennial independent woman" thought process and I've seen the skeleton "waiting for the perfect man" memes; but I also know He knows it's a big deal to me and it's what I personally need. In order to be pursued though, I have to let go of the desperation and stand on God's timing.

8. "I Love You" is way better than "I Want You" in the long run
In other words, love feels better and lasts longer than lust does. I want to meet someone who will see me and want to know me and fall in love with the person I am. I want to meet someone, know them and grow in love with them. Wanting them should come as a result of loving them. If I want someone before I know enough to fall in love with  them, then I'll want a lot of people in my lifetime. All attractiveness aside, I want to trust that their "I Love You" is sure and unwavering because that is a beautiful thing.

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