Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Make Me a Dream In Someone's Heart

So I heard this line randomly in my head and I thought, 'ooh that makes a good prayer', so I prayed, "God make me a dream in someone's heart" I guess in the sense that, I would fulfill someone's desire for a good employee, or good volunteer or maybe even good wife.

Anyway, I prayed and that was that, but maybe a day later, I thought, wait, what if  that was God telling me to make Him a dream in someone's heart. How would I even do that? By showing off what an amazing life I have? Because that would not be a really long list. Don't get me wrong, my life is amazing, but what is amazing to me, may look like a whole lot of not-that-great to one person and a whole lot of work to the next.

How do I make God a desire in someone's heart, when my life isn't all together?

Isn't that the point though? To make even one person see the passion the Father's love drives you into, that you could hold your worship through the storm, through the wreck, through the fire, because you know the Father loves you and you can't be convinced otherwise?

Bill Johnson says, God will often bless you only as much as it takes to keep your trust on Him and not the blessing. In my struggle, trusting Him, needing Him is easy. I don't want struggle to define my life and my relationship with God; but I feel like struggle sometimes births the sacrifice of praise, I'm actually sacrificing my right to be weighed down and sacrificing the focus due my struggle and gazing upon Jesus and singing, "You are good, You are here" when it feels like anything but that. Thing is, sometimes, I led myself into the struggle, in which case, I surely need Him; in another case, maybe the enemy is trying to rob you, in which case, you need Him still. Either way, I need Him.

Maybe making Him a dream in someone's heart looks like showing people what a heart sold out looks like. Seriously, there's no going back. I don't care what happens or doesn't happen, what the enemy tries or doesn't try. I will not leave my Father. Like, that's settled. I might be stubborn and petulant when He doesn't do what I want Him to do when I want Him to do it, but I will not leave Him, I will always come back to Him, He is home.

Maybe making Him a dream in someone's heart looks like dreaming big dreams, staying hopeful and giving God room to move on them. Anyone can make a small goal achievable, but it's the big things that cause the world to take notice and want what you have. That's the dream I want to inspire. That God adds super to the natural and extra to the ordinary.

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