Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014 Insta-Recap

Free morning? I would highly recommend heading to and listening to a podcast from this series #wisdom #wordgirl #thestirring #kingsofisrael #podcasts

the sun comes up it's a new day dawning, it's time to sing Your song again, whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes #blesstheLordohmysoul #10000reasons #sunrise #mountains #Redding #beauty #peace #revived
Filling my room with Presence streaming #LeadersAdvance2014 worship led by Brian & Jenn Johnson and Melissa & Jonathan Helser #powercouples #powerFULLL #worship #BethelMusic

said aloud to some of the people I work with today, "Aww, I want one of those sweatshirts or a T-shirt" she said, "Oh you didn't get your welcome bag? This is for you!" and she hands me this swag bag with both a sweatshirt AND a T-shirt and a journal to boot (more than I asked, thought or imagined) AND it has my name on it! Sometimes God has provided the answer to your need/wish/desire and it's sitting right in front of you and you just have to speak out your need/wish/desire and sooner or later your words fall on the right ears that know where the gift God provided is and they will hand it to you.

watching a video and one of the singers on screen is sitting across from me in real life 😊 one of life's cool moments, plus this girl can siiing!

Why I love fall: you get close to a full tank on $40, during summer, this would have been half a tank #gasprices #thanktheLord! #gas #jeep

Got to serve on the #kingdomcometour today loading and unloading the bus plus watching Andrew Ehrenzeller and Bryan & Katie Torwalt live from the front row. It was so surreal to see a couple members of the Jesus Culture band up there, they are SO good!!! Like ridiculously beyond GOOD beyond anything I've ever heard!
woke up to -2°C/34°F and my windshield covered in frost. Never happened to me before, so I spent 10 minutes on Google figuring out what to do, warm water didn't work because it froze 5 minutes later, plus I was scared of cracking the glass, so I ended up with a saltshaker shaking salt on my windows in -2° weather #newexperiences #IAmFromTheTROPICS #fall
 Pretty much the Saturday morning of my dreams looking forward to a week of this #ThanksgivingBreak #rain #happythanksgiving #happyholidays
Got tagged by @rhonelda11 to #stopandtakeaselfie and I tag @elizabethmiranda 😊 This is inspired by talking to my big bro today and he goes, out of nowhere "your eyes are not aligned, just noticed" Yeah bro, I also have a zit on my nose and I wear a retainer to bed #reallife #lazyeye #iwearitwithdaconfidence #cantmesswitmyswaggggg #lovehim 😍

One of my super awesome bosses found an extra one of these in the office for me. To say this album is beautiful would be an understatement. Get it on on December 2nd! #worththewait #worship #sweetness #hgktswansong #SwanSong #hunterthompson #huntergkthompson #BethelMusic

Warm chicken noodle soup & french bread, snickers ice-cream, candle light & a movie #loveyourselfwell #heartfull
 I went running with this girl & when I was falling back & told her to go on without me, she came back, grabbed my hand and ran with me. That's just 1 example of the many times @elizabethmiranda has made me cry. She champions me at every corner. Her fiery passion and depths of wisdom have only increased & turned her into more of the leader she always was. She cares for people's hearts & kicks them out of self pity & into action. She take theories about Holy Spirit and lives Him out by example. She hears God more clearly than any person I know. #HappyBirthday my friend. #Thankyou for a crazy year of #friendship & for putting up with me 💑 #HappyThanksgiving

Took an accidental picture of myself trying to set up my phone for a selfie and it turns out to be the best picture I've ever taken

Hosted an after thanksgiving sleepover/Elizabeth's birthday sleepover with these 2!!!

So my neighbors are awesome! It's looking like Christmas over here!
Hosting African Thanksgiving and loving it 😍 people brought so much food! I'm always nervous before hand, but I love having people over at my house, it fills my love tank.

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