Monday, November 3, 2014


The new issue of Radiance is out now! If you wanna check it out, fill in the contact form with #Radiance and your email address and I'll send that right out to you!

Radiance is a small little project,( a mini-magazine - to put it generously,) I started in 4 hours one night thinking about ways I could fund raise for school and my life as a student for the next couple of years here in America while doing something I love at the same time. I love to create and to learn how to do it, I love to write, I love God and I love to create and write about God.

This 1st issue is 14 pages of pictures and stories and I felt it was a good place to start, especially for 4 hours of work. I felt the Holy Spirit on me so strongly, I was literally shaking, maybe out of nervousness or anticipation or joy or just Him, as I embarked on this journey and wrote those first words, I hope that comes through as you read them.

Love you guys, and thank you for all your support!

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